Cold Hardy Succulents

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

As the weather changes, it makes me think about what I can do in my garden as the temperatures begin to drop. I started thinking about cold hardy succulents, and I know that Sempervivums are cold hardy. My mom always had a strawberry pot on her front steps overflowing with 'hens and chicks'. I did not know then that they were sempervivums. I have a strawberry pot that my late husband gave to me as a gift, and have never been very successful with growing anything in its side pockets. I had a few Sempervivums in shallow containers, so I transferred them to my strawberry pot in my backyard. It reminds me of Mom and Rob. What are your garden thoughts as the weather changes?

I took a few photos and will share those. What are your experiences with these cute little succulents? I love the ones with 'cobwebs' all over them. Please share and let's get ready for a new season in the garden.

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