Are you ready for the blooms?

Some succulents bloom in winter


Why Succulents?

Succulents are amazing creatures. They're so much more than just cactus and jade.

Aloes bloom in the winter when many other plants are dormant. 

Succulents are happy in the Bay Area. They need at least 6 hours of sun each day. 

They are water-wise plants that store water in their leaves and draw upon these reserves in times of drought. 

Succulents are low-maintenance. Most succulents need to be watered 1-2 times/week during the summer,

and even less in the winter. They grow slowly and therefore rarely require pruning. 

It is important that you give them the appropriate soil that drains well. This is often labeled as

palm, citrus, and cactus mix.

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Nichole Schusteritsch

I have been gardening my whole life and became interested in succulents about 15 years ago. I emphasize low-maintenance, water-wise gardening. I especially love succulents, herbs, vegetables, perennials, and aromatic plants that provide year-round foliage and interest. My hope is that you will observe and interact with your outdoor space. I am happy to beautify your landscape, but if I can teach you to grow some lettuce, that's even better!  

I live and garden in San Francisco. I take horticulture classes to keep updated on best plant practices. My background is in Interior Design, and I apply these same color and design principles to my gardens.

I am open for business and happy to visit with you in your space (masked and socially-distanced) or virtually. We can talk about what you envision for your space.



I continue to take horticulture classes so that I can learn the best practices for all things plant-related.

Plant Identification Fall/Winter     City College of SF

Horticulture Business Practices       City College of SF

Plant Identification Spr/Smr          City College of SF

Intro Env Horticulture                    City College of SF

B.A. Speech Pathology                                         SFSU

Teaching Credential                                            SFSU

Floral Design                                     Private Instructor

A.A.S. Interior Design                          Kirkwood CC


Equinox and Sven

I couldn't pass up the opportunity to mention the two most important men in my life! They are the reason I get up every morning....and coffee!

Their favorite backyard gardening 

activities are eating my succulent

groundcovers and napping. Why can't he just eat grass?


Nob Hill Market

March, 2020

Nob Hill Residence

May, 2020

Mission District Oasis

October, 2020


Heirloom pumpkin topped with succulents - DIY

In this very quick video I will show you how I did this. Just try it and don't worry, you can always take it apart and start over. Have fun!



Design: I design, build, and install gardens in the San Francisco Bay Area. I specialize in succulents, but am happy to plant herbs, vegetables, perennials, and aromatics.

Consultations: I am happy to meet with you in your space or virtually to help you plan what you envision for your space. 

Planting Parties: Gather your friends or colleagues in your backyard to socialize and connect with nature (masked and socially-distanced). Available for high school students and older. Wreath-making workshops happening now!

Private Lessons: Gardening is therapy. I especially love helping people grow all kinds of herbs and vegetables that they can enjoy. 

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San Francisco, California

(415) 720-4099

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Succulent Care

The most important thing is to observe each succulent. Their needs may vary by plant and location, so watch each one for signs of under or overwatering. Be aware of your microclimates, some parts of your garden may be warmer than others. 

Succulents do best on less water, rather than more. During the spring/summer growing season, it is probably best to water them ~1 time/week. 

Gently water them until water comes out the bottom, then stop. Do not water again until thoroughly dry. 

You may only need to water 1/week or  less during the winter. It all depends on rainfall.

Don’t panic if you notice a change in your succulent(s). 

If the leaves look thin or shriveled up, they are probably dry. 

Underwatered leaves are typically harder and stiffer. They may also look plump and/or feel squishy. 

You can sometimes save an under watered plant, but it is much harder to save an overwatered plant.

Gardening is all about trial and error, don't give up and keep trying. Move the plant to a different part of your garden.


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